Hi, I'm Vernice!

I’m a task-oriented, serious, strong-willed individual with a sweet, gentle spirit who’s always study anything related to health & wealth. I’ve started 4 Ever Vernice LLC to break the cycle of obesity and poverty in my life and the lives of others. 

I became a health and wealth advocate after overcoming the obstacles of…

  • gaining 100 pounds in a year
  • accumulating $22,000 of credit card debt,
  • being involuntary unemployed with a MBA accounting degree
  • being in an unfruitful relationship for over 16 years

Because I know how it feels to be oppressed and stuck.  I truly want to help Christian Counselors avoid the trap of neglecting their own health and wealth goals.  So I have created the following 5 programs, please let me know which program you are most interested in being a part of.

>>> Accounting Program
>>> Coaching Program
>>> Licensing Program
>>> Supervision Program
>>> PraiseTwirl Program