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Please don’t ignore the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit!!!


 I am the daughter of an outreach minister. So I’ve been in ministry all my life. From my own experience, I know the power of having a personal day-to-day relationship with Jesus. I know the power of calling out to God when I need help and the power seeking him first. Also, I know what happens when I put my own wants and needs, before God. Let’s just say I end up being tired, burned out, hurt and frustrated. 

Before I started gaining weight, the Lord was encouraging me to stop eating fast food and processed foods. I didn’t listen. It tastes so good to me. I just caved in to my senses and over a decade later, I was still trying to get to my previous weight. I have wasted so much time, money and effort. 

After trying different plans, for about 10 years, to lose weight on my limited knowledge and resources, I sought God. I cried out to God and asked God to help me find a plan that would work for me and my body type.

So I'm sharing this to say...you don't want to ignore the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit. We got to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.  I gain 2 pounds consistently for 52 weeks. Guess what, I could have avoided being 100 pounds overweight. I should have notice the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Even though my heart always desire is to obey God, but sometimes I hear my wants and desires much louder and since God is a gentleman.  He is never forceful at least to me.  God always let me choose what I wanted to do.  Unfortunately what I chose wasted time, effort and money.  Yet, eventually I humbled myself and God was ready for an answer.  The lesson I learn was it is always best to follow God’s way, chose God’s way, and it’s ALWAYS the best thing for me. 

You don’t have to be perfect to see results!!! You have to be intentional!!!!

In April 2013, I weighed 272.8 pounds. I started my weight loss journey July 2013. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures at my starting weight, but the picture below where I am at the rock climbing event was taken October 2013, which was really close to my heaviest weight.

God led me to my eating plan and I just chose a fitness goal that was good for me, but surprisingly I rarely reached it. So, I’m realizing that perfection wasn’t necessary, it was just being intentional.  Being willing to do all I could to work towards my goals. 

For example,I was working in front of the computer as much as 10hrs a day for 6 days a week.  So, during my 15 min. breaks, I would walk around the parking lot.  Then, if I was training for 5K, I would do the training plan for the day around Stone Mountain Park or Arabian mountain park.  Also, I would listen to audiobooks, songs, teachings, trainings, videos, while working, that was related to my goals, which caused me to stay motivated.  Although, I wasn’t hitting all my goals exactly, I was intentionally doing everything I could to reach my weight loss goal which was losing 2 pounds a week. 

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