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Day 2 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 20, 2020

Although I did wake up early to spend time with God, I kept drifting back to sleep.  So I should have gotten up to pray.  My day really started, when I got up and started listening to Day 13 of WMI Prayer and Fast Group's 6am 21-Day Fast Prayer call. I'm not as focus as I was last year, so I need to spend time with God to work through the hindrance so God can move and use me for His glory.

Then a little after 7:14am, my mom and I read ...

Week 27 Unite 7:14 weekly Prayer

James Goll's Day 1 Morning Declaration

The morning prayer my mom got from a silent retreat center in Georgia

After that I start working on some of my business projects, that took up most of my day.  As I was working, I heard an awesome sermon about how man was created in God's image and that we are meant to connect with God and people.  I'm so glad I didn't forget to do my intercession prayer podcast.  Although I did it in the evening, instead of the mornings, I'm glad that I was able to get it done.

All my meals were plant-based, but my dinner wasn't raw.  I know I'm only on my 2nd day and I already have used my free meal.  To be honest, I didn't want to spend too much time prepping.  It takes a while to prep raw meals.  Since I'm thinking, I may not have as much free time, I may have to have more smoothies.  They are so quick and easy.  I must #WorkSmartNotHard and #LearnFromMyMistakes

My meals:

  • green smoothie with my supplements
  • Vegan Ceasar's Salad
  • Veggie Burger with Whole Grain Seeded Bread


I did complete the noon day declaration for Day 1 around 3:30 pm.  Then at 7:14 pm, I did the unite 7:14 prayer, day 1 night declaration and evening prayer my mom got from the Georgia Silent retreat center.  These prayers and declarations are below:

James Goll's Day 1 Noon Declaration

James Goll's Day 1 Night Declaration

Georgia Retreat Center Evening Prayer

Since I was at my desk, most of the day, I had to get my steps in late.  I notice that walking late gives me so much energy.   It's hard for me to wind down, but I'm going to push myself so I can reach my walking goal of 26.2 miles this week.  So I'll walk on my rebounder as I worship with Legacy Center Church service.  I got 27 miles in and I'm so excited.  I'll have to ask God to help me sleep and get my rest.  So I can start my day tomorrow with fire.  


It's really late and it's time for bed.  I want to at least get 3 hours of sleep.  I know today wasn't perfect, but I still hope that day 2 of my blog inspired you to Live Healthier and Wealthier God's Way in your body, spirit and soul!

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