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Day 5 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 23, 2020

Today was one of those days.  I was challenging myself during the prayer time and it was like I was in a spiritual/physical battle.  That was so unexpected. 

I was so tired that right after the  WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer CallUnite 7:14 prayer, James Goll's day 4 declaration and the silent retreat morning prayer

I went right to sleep and slept for 3 hours.  Can you believe that?  When I woke up, I did my podcast and I prayed that you would develop and grow in your identity with Christ.

After the podcast, I had my heavy metal detox smoothie by medical medium which truly worked because my bowel movement was very dark like I cleansed my liver.  Shortly after the smoothie, I had my Asian cauliflower rice with two pieces of mini chocolate brownies.  

After breakfast, I started studying for my Health Coach Certification.  During my break, my mom and I read the following noon declaration for day 4.

Then I studied some more, ate greek salad for lunch with chocolate brownie, studied some more, did the night 7:14 prayer, day 4 declaration and evening prayer. 

Then late in the evening, I ate a veggie burger with some sweet potato fries and lucky charms cereal for dessert. 

I must admit my dinner was a lot more than usual and I used up my 10% so now I have to stick to eating raw for the next two days.    Lastly, I'm glad to say, I got my 7,000 steps.

As you know, today wasn't perfect, but I felt God's peace with me the whole time and that makes everything so much better.  I pray you too have peace as you go throughout your day and that you have peaceful sleep as you are dreaming tonight.  I love ya'll and God bless you all.

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