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Happy Jewish New Year!!!

raw food challenge Sep 18, 2020

In honor of the Jewish New Year 5781, Rosh Hashanah. 

Today at sundown (7:38 pm EST), I will start documenting my journey of living healthier and wealthier God's Way via 90-Day Raw Food Challenge. 

In this challenge, 90% of my meals will be raw and plant-based.  That means 10% of my meals can be cooked and non-plant-based.  I am giving myself the grace to celebrate holidays, feasts, and special occasions without stressing as well as the grace to use condiments that aren't 100% raw.   So for the most part, in the next 3 months, I will be eating 90% raw foods and documenting the journey.  

I wanted to document this challenge because I lost 100 pounds with Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live Program (I discuss how in the book "Faith and Fitness: How I lost 100 pounds in 30 months, which can be purchased on amazon) and drank only fresh juices for 95-days with little documentation.   Those are some great accomplishments and I want to do a better job documenting my journey.  So I'm hoping that during this 90-day raw food challenge, I'll do a better job documenting my journey. 

The goal of this 90-day raw food challenge is to...

  • inspire you to live healthier and wealthier 
  • reach my goal weight
  • work smart and not hard
  • be consistent
  • build character
  • improve my creditability as a health and wealth advocate

I want to be an example that encourages you to eat more fruit and veggies consistently so your body can have what it needs to rebuild and repair disease-damaged cells, tissues, and organs without judgment and condemnation.  

I'll be posting my meals my instagram @4everVernice


I'll be posting my videos on my youtube channel 


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