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Day 7 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 25, 2020

I woke up to my alarm to get on the prayer line for the 21-Day Fast.  I slept through my first alarm.  I must have turned it off in my sleep.  When  I woke up, I wrote down what I remember from my dream.  I heard the voice of God say you are forgiven.  Praise God!  That is so encouraging and I'm so grateful for God's love and forgiveness.  

I listened to the WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer Call, despite the technical difficulties and some of the callers not following instructions.  I'm truly thankful for the prayers for single people such as myself to get married according to God's will.  I really enjoyed Dr. Faith's version of "I got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart".  Thank you Eva Grace Mim for posting the youtube version in the WMI's Facebook group.  It was so good.  I will be singing that version for sure!!!

Since the prayer call went over, I had to get off the call before we did the declaration so...

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Day 6 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 24, 2020

I woke up to spend time with God.  I truly appreciate those times of prayers.  Then I got on the  WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer Call, read the Unite 7:14 prayer, James Goll's day 5 declaration and the silent retreat morning prayer.  I've listed the prayers I read below.  

After those prayers, I did my self-care routine.  Had my essaic tea and did my intercessory prayer podcast to and prayed that you will grow and mature in your relationships with Christ.

I studied the materials for my certified health coach.  I helped out my cousin.  I got groceries.  I ate my breakfast late. 

My mom and I read day 5 noon declaration mentioned below and personalized the declaration for someone we are interceding for.

I studied some more and I prepared my lunch.  I ate Asian burrito wrap with chocolate brownie.

I made dinner for my mom.  She ate my raw meal too. Yeah !!!!  Later we read the Unite 7:14 prayer, day 5...

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Day 5 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 23, 2020

Today was one of those days.  I was challenging myself during the prayer time and it was like I was in a spiritual/physical battle.  That was so unexpected. 

I was so tired that right after the  WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer CallUnite 7:14 prayer, James Goll's day 4 declaration and the silent retreat morning prayer

I went right to sleep and slept for 3 hours.  Can you believe that?  When I woke up, I did my podcast and I prayed that you would develop and grow in your identity with Christ.

After the podcast, I had my heavy metal detox smoothie by medical medium which truly worked because my bowel movement was very dark like I cleansed my liver.  Shortly after the smoothie, I had my Asian cauliflower rice with two pieces of mini chocolate brownies.  

After breakfast, I started studying for my Health Coach Certification.  During my break, my mom and I read the following noon declaration...

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Day 4 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 22, 2020

I woke up feeling that I needed to make it my #1 priority to pray in the spirit during my time with God, because that what I believe God wanted for me to do this year.  Before I started praying, I took the seed crackers I dehydrated out of the oven.  I had them on the lowest settings in the oven since I didn't have my dehydrator with me.

After spending time with God, I listened to  WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer Call they had so many wonderful prayers against barreness.  I love how Legacy Center Church wants believers to live healthier and wealthier God's way too.  They are doing an awesome job using there platform to teach others how to build generational wealth and productive businesses.  

After the prayer call, my mom and I read the following Unite 7:14 prayer to eradicate Covid-19, James Goll's day 3 declaration for God to heal the land, and the silent retreat morning prayer. 

Week 27 Unite 7:14 weekly Prayer


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Day 3 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 21, 2020

God is so good!  When I wake up in the morning, I try to record my dreams.  I don't quite remember my dream this time.  I just remember it was like I was walking in faith and I can honestly say.  That's my reality now.  I'm walking in faith.  I don't want the things that I'm doing to seem religious.  Instead, I want the them to be viewed as someone who want deep intimacy, fellowship with God so His Will be done and Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  We need more love here on earth and God is working on me so I can be a vessel that shows His love.  I cannot imagine praying and communicating with God without feeling His presence and hearing His voice.  The days that God seems far away from me.  I ask God to show me the hinderance and ask God to help me take the steps needed to remove the hinderances and come out of agreement with it.  Also, I ask God to purify my heart, because those who are pure in heart see more and...

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Day 2 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 20, 2020

Although I did wake up early to spend time with God, I kept drifting back to sleep.  So I should have gotten up to pray.  My day really started, when I got up and started listening to Day 13 of WMI Prayer and Fast Group's 6am 21-Day Fast Prayer call. I'm not as focus as I was last year, so I need to spend time with God to work through the hindrance so God can move and use me for His glory.

Then a little after 7:14am, my mom and I read ...

Week 27 Unite 7:14 weekly Prayer

James Goll's Day 1 Morning Declaration

The morning prayer my mom got from a silent retreat center in Georgia

After that I start working on some of my business projects, that took up most of my day.  As I was working, I heard an awesome sermon about how man was created in God's image and that we are meant to connect with God and people.  I'm so glad I didn't forget to do my intercession prayer podcast.  Although I did it in the evening, instead of the mornings,...

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Day 1 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 19, 2020

My day started with me spending time with God in the wee hours in the morning!  During that time I like to journal my dreams and commune with the Lord. 

I drifted back to sleep, not on purpose, before listening to Day 12 of WMI Prayer and Fast Group's 6am 21-Day Fast Prayer call. 

Then at 7:14am, I read ...

The Unite 7:14 weekly PrayerJames Goll's Day 7 Morning Declaration

The morning prayer my mom got from a silent retreat center in Georgia


After that, I spent time with God again for personal prayer - since it is the sabbath.  I ate breakfast and did my intercession prayer podcast;

I ate lunch and watched four weddings with my mom.  I need to eat about 2 cups of coleslaw, instead of 4 cups.  My stomach was stuff.  It really started to clean me out.  I took one taste of my chia berry pudding and I had to run to the bathroom lol.  Not once, but multiple times and that when I changed my mind and ate some pickles.  I...

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Happy Jewish New Year!!!

raw food challenge Sep 18, 2020

In honor of the Jewish New Year 5781, Rosh Hashanah. 

Today at sundown (7:38 pm EST), I will start documenting my journey of living healthier and wealthier God's Way via 90-Day Raw Food Challenge. 

In this challenge, 90% of my meals will be raw and plant-based.  That means 10% of my meals can be cooked and non-plant-based.  I am giving myself the grace to celebrate holidays, feasts, and special occasions without stressing as well as the grace to use condiments that aren't 100% raw.   So for the most part, in the next 3 months, I will be eating 90% raw foods and documenting the journey.  

I wanted to document this challenge because I lost 100 pounds with Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live Program (I discuss how in the book "Faith and Fitness: How I lost 100 pounds in 30 months, which can be purchased on amazon) and drank only fresh juices for 95-days with little documentation.   Those are some great...

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