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Day 4 of Raw Food Challenge

raw food challenge Sep 22, 2020

I woke up feeling that I needed to make it my #1 priority to pray in the spirit during my time with God, because that what I believe God wanted for me to do this year.  Before I started praying, I took the seed crackers I dehydrated out of the oven.  I had them on the lowest settings in the oven since I didn't have my dehydrator with me.

After spending time with God, I listened to  WMI's 21-Day Fast 6 am Prayer Call they had so many wonderful prayers against barreness.  I love how Legacy Center Church wants believers to live healthier and wealthier God's way too.  They are doing an awesome job using there platform to teach others how to build generational wealth and productive businesses.  

After the prayer call, my mom and I read the following Unite 7:14 prayer to eradicate Covid-19, James Goll's day 3 declaration for God to heal the land, and the silent retreat morning prayer. 

Week 27 Unite 7:14 weekly Prayer

James Goll's Day 3 Morning Declaration

Silent retreat Morning Prayer

After reading those prayers, I had my Essiac tea and did my intercession prayer podcast praying that God will help you grow in your finances. Then I decided to soak my feet in warm milk with honey and frankincense essential oils.  As I was soaking my feet, I had celery and carrot juice.  Then I went to picked up some food. After that I ate breakfast and visited my cousin to help her.  While there I talked with one of my great supporters.  She introduced me to someone that are taking steps to live healthier and wealthier!  I was able to connect with her and that is such a blessing.  I am truly honor to share my experience with juicing and what I'm doing to live healthier and wealthier God's way!    

My mom and I read day 2 noon day declaration for restraining evil.  I cooked spaghetti for my mom and helped my auntie with her speech. Then I prepared some Asian cauliflower rice to eat with my dinner.   

James Goll's Day 3 Noon Declaration

 My meals:

  • celery and carrot juice
  • Caesar salad, seeded crackers, sunflower seed pate and chocolate brownie
  • cauliflower rice and sunflower seed pate wrapped in lettuce


My mom and I read Unite 7:14 night prayer, day 3 night declaration for releasing God's promises, and evening prayer from the silent retreat center.

James Goll's Day 3 Noon Declaration

James Goll's Day 3 Night Declaration

Georgia Retreat Center Evening Prayer

I cleaned up the kitchen and then I participated in DSC - Dreamers & Seers Club Bonus Class "Glory and Dreams".  While I was learning, I got in my 7,000 steps.  

My steps for today:

After the class, I winded down and spent some more time with God.  I truly feel like God is calling me to His presence.   So as usual, I hope my blog posts are inspiring you to Live Healthier and Wealthier God's Way in your body, spirit and soul!

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