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It is Time to Rest and Sleep


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Week 9: Resting 

Today’s Easy Task:  Sleep in 90 minute cycles 

How to rock this task: 

  • Determine how many 90 minute cycles of sleep is needed to feel refreshed and rested

Today's Devotional:

Lack of sleep slows our mental sharpness when making decisions.  Since sleep is in 90 minute cycles, we feel more refresh when we wake up at the end of our sleep cycle.  So, 9 hrs., 7.5 hrs., 6 hrs. of sleep make us feel more rested.   

There are many things that hinder our ability to sleep.  One of the main culprits is leg cramps.  Leg cramps are so painful, but there are things we can do to eliminate them.  We can add more sesame seeds, almonds, and mixed greens to our diet.  We can make sure we have enough of the right type of calcium that is easy to absorb in the body, which are calcium citrate and calcium lactate.  Unfortunately, calcium carbonated products are difficult to absorb which makes them ineffective.  Another culprit is caffeinated products; we should consider minimize the use of non-herbal teas, coffees, and chocolates.  To get the sleep faster we should consider ending all screen time with phone, computer, TV at least 3 hrs. before sleep as well as soaking in hot tub at least 1.5 hours before bedtime.  Most importantly we should meditate on scriptures.  It gives us peaceful rest and sleep (Proverbs 3:1-2, 24).  Moreover, our prayers give us peaceful sleep, protection and security (Psalm 4:8).  We just need to remember the 23rd psalms and those who consider the Lord to be there shepherd they will experience great rest (Psalm 23). 

There are 4 stages of sleep.  The 1st stage happens when our brain slow into theta waves.  This stage is great for clearing and calming our mind.  The 2nd stage happens when our heart and vascular system slows down.  This is the most common sleep stage.  The 3rd stage happens when our brain send slow, high aptitude waves.  The blood pressure drops, breathing slows and tissues are repaired.  This stage leaves us rested and energetic the next day.  Approximately 20% of our night sleep is in the 3rd stage of sleep and it usually occurs during the first half of the night. 

The 4th stage of sleep happens when our breathing varies and our muscles are paralyzed it is called REM stage.  Approximately 20% of our night sleeps occurs in the REM stage.  The REM stage occurs during the 2nd half of the night.  It recharges our brain and body with energy. 

Sleep cleanses, heals and rebuilds our body.  It regulates our hormones and restores our brain, nervous, respiratory system, and organs.  The best time to sleep is when the moon appears in the sky.  In today’s task, we will try to get our sleep in 90 minute cycles to see if we feel more refreshed when waking up at the end of our 90 minute cycle.     

Today’s Prayer:

God, You reign forever and ever in the heavens and on earth.  We are so thankful for You.  You deserve all the glory, honor and praise. Let Your kingdom come and will be done in our lives.  Help us to get more sleep and sleep in 90 minute cycles, so we can feel more refresh when we wake up.  There are many things that hinder our ability to sleep.  Help us overcome painful cramps; get enough calcium that can easily absorb in our bodies.  Help us minimize the use of caffeinated products.  At least 3 hours before sleep help us to end all screen time on phone, computer, TV and do activities such as soak in hot tub and spending time with You.  Most importantly, help us to meditate on scriptures, pray consistently to You, remembering the 23rd psalms because you are our shepherd and we shall not want.  Thank you for cleansing, healing and rebuilding our bodies as we sleep.  Thank you for regulating our hormones and restoring our brain, nervous system, respiratory system and organs.  We ask You to forgive us for all our debts, trespasses, and sins as we forgive our debtors and those who have trespassed and sinned against us.  Lead us not into temptation.  Everyday help us to be equipped with the full armor of God as You deliver us from evil.  For Yours is the Kingdom, Power and Glory.  In Jesus Name I pray. Amen. 

Today's Scriptures: Proverbs 3:1-2, 24, Psalm 4:8, Psalm 23 


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